Thursday/14/9/2006, 20:00 hrs: Opening expo Fröbel in Kunstenlab

September 11, 2006    News

Opening of expo Fröbel in Kunstenlab ( with work by Jeannette Knigge ( and Anne Reijse ( with her ‘Mevrouw de Vries’ project. The opening includes a live performance by Robert Witt and the esc.rec. release of remix compilation ‘Grannittin’.

Grannittin is originally a live performance by Robert Witt, in collaboration with ‘Mevrouw de Vries’, an art project in which all kinds of every day objects are knitted in real size, mostly by elderly women. The live performance consists out of the live manipulation of sounds emited from contact microphones attached to the knitting needles of the knitting ladies present at the opening of a ‘Mevrouw de Vries’ exhibition.

Grannittin will be a unique, handmade package containing a registration of the Grannittin live performance in art gallery Het Langhuis in Zwolle (NL), plus a broad variety of remixes by different artists, made with the original raw audio samples of knitting needles, as recorded by Robert Witt.

More info soon!

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