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Gonzo Circus

Published: June 15, 2006
Tags: News, Press


‘Gluid – The Ashtray Is On Fire’ appears on ‘Mind The Gap #62’, the cd that accompanies the bi-monthly magazine Gonzo Circus! You can find it in the better book or music stores in Belgium and The Netherlands or you can order it overhere.

In that same edition of Gonzo Circus (#75) you can also find a good review of the Gluid album and an entire page with an article about esc.rec. Although it is a pity that there are some mistaken facts and assumptions in this article, we are ofcourse overjoyed with all this exposure!

Oh, and there is also a nice review of Gluid in De Subjectivisten and of De Bronstgieters in Vital Weekly. Check the reviews in the comments of the releases…

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