15 Nov: Landtonen/Herfsttonen

November 6, 2009    News


Some time ago, I was asked by Kunstenlab to give them advice for the final edition of their Landtonen project. They were looking for artists in the field of experimental and/or (modern) classical music and language/poetry. Artists who could respond to the rural environment of Okkenbroek in music. Either in a specially made composition or in improvisation.

I recommended (and booked) Paul de Jong (The Books), Bram van den Oever (Gluid) and MiaMia. Kunstenlab came up with Hans van Koolwijk (Bambuso Sonoro), Karel van der Eijk, De Flageolettes and Uutsprèken. All of the artists perform works specially written for this occasion. This makes for an excellent and unique line-up in my book! Really looking forward to the 15th of November now! More info in this invitation (pdf).

I’m exploring recording possibilities right now. It might be interesting to make an esc.rec. release out of this…

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