January 31, 2006    News

Alert! New esc.rec. release by Gluid! Timon Straatsma, armed with a MiniDisc recorder and microphones, records sounds and atmospheres after which Bram v/d Oever constructs music with these recordings. Main objective is to keep the sounds as pure as possible and to definitely not use any ‘real’ instruments, drum computers, synths or samples from other sources. Only Bram’s strange habit of damaging cd’s from his collection (resulting in jitters, tics and glitches), setting ashtrays on fire, nearly blowing up speakers and making bizarre throat noises is allowed…

And yet another new esc.rec. microsite launched! Gluid now also has its own virtual space… More info on Gluid and Gluid mp3 downloads available now! All this and more at!!!

Design of Gluid cover and microsite by Harco.

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