12 December, 0:00-1:00: Transfolmer and esc.rec. @ Popart, the Concertzender.

December 7, 2005    News

You can listen to the Concertzender in the Netherlands via cable. Dutch listeners click here to find the right frequency. You can also tune in online at www.concertzender.nl. Click here to view the playlist for this radioshow. Find more on Transfolmer overhere.

Since its start in 1982 the Concertzender is known for its remarkable and adventurous programming. Genuine jazz, rare recordings from private music collections, historical recordings, concert recordings of (still) unknown musicians and spectacular non-Western music are all part of the Concertzender’s unique sound.

To keep in touch with events and developments, the Concertzender has contact with conservatories and concert venues, and also closely follows musicians, both professional and amateur. The creative brain of the Concertzender consists of a hundred programme makers and technicians, who work on a voluntary basis. Everybody has his or her own speciality, which enables us to present a wide range of, often relatively unknown, music and musicians.

The Concertzender stands for exceptional, serious music. All pieces are broadcast as a whole (no highlights or excerpts) and their programmes are never interrupted by commercials. The announcements are kept brief, so as much music as possible can be played. The broadcasts consist of a wide variety of surprising programmes, 24 hours a day, using a weekly format.

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