Esc.rec. package at Moving, Apeldoorn

August 21, 2005    News

After a succesfull laptopjam with Radion, the usually tightly organised Double freewheels through his old material to come up with a smooth and relaxing (minimal) techno set. After that we were all blown away by Radion’s razorsharp live set. Especially that booming refix of Brainpower’s ‘Dansplaat’ must have raised some eyebrows and curled some mouthcorners the right way. Marius had some technical difficulties to overcome in his live set, but managed to produce a (hahaha, almost) flawless set without the use of his trusted bass guitar. Harco treated us to a truly wicked dj set, only utilising tracks made by all time master of weird aliases: Uwe Schmidt. If you want to hear what a dj set like that sounds like, you will just have to book it, I suppose…

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