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October 8, 2009    News

Esc.rec. has been experimenting with some new features and distribution methods for it’s free downloads lately. Starting with the latest release by Transfolmer, you can now embed a Fairtilizer player wherever you like, from which you can either listen or download the entire release. I’m still testing this service, but so far the results look promising. So for now, Fairtilizer is my embeddable player of choice.

Also, following in the pioneering footsteps of esteemed colleagues Beep! Beep! back up the Truck and WM Recordings, esc.rec. now uses torrent sites as a distribution channel. Mininova and LegalTorrents both offer excellent support in hosting torrents by content creators. Incorporating torrent sites as a means of music distribution is a good choice so it seems, because although I only put these torrents online yesterday, the number of downloads and seeders of the torrent on Mininova on the first day amazes me… and the torrent on LegalTorrents doesn’t get downloaded as many times but did get instant good reviews on Twitter.

In these Buma/Stemra infested times (read all about it), esc.rec. firmly embraces the new music industry. To be continued…

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