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Roel Meelkop & Marco Douma – HOEK

In 2012 Roel Meelkop was asked to participate in an exhibition in the small town of Hoek van Holland, which is part of the greater Rotterdam area. Roel asked video artist Marco Douma to collaborate on the project. This resulted in a sound/video performance in one of the beach clubs in 2012. In this live installation called ‘Atlantic Wall’ they focused on Hoek’s surroundings. In 2014 they were asked to participate in a new exhibition in de Hoek. That year they decided to go down into the bunkers, resulting in the sound/video installation ‘Kiel’ in one of the bunkers that is normally closed to the public. In the years after this Roel and Marco fantasised about the idea to combine the material of both works in a third edition, which resulted in a sound/video piece in 2020, titled ‘Hoek’.

This release has a CD in a handmade book which contain the sound piece and stills from the video work. The book was reproduced with a Nashuatec 1505 copier, which gives a nice gritty look. And then cut/folded/assembled by Roel Meelkop, Marco Douma, Jeroen Diepenmaat and Harco Rutgers. The video work is accessible via a password-protected link, included in the book ánd the download.

This release is available as described cd/book with link to video work, and also as a download/stream (Bandcamp exclusive). Release on January 18th.

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Klimperei – Handpicked

Christophe Petchanatz aka Klimperei has been at it since the eighties and has previously been described as pioneer of toy-music, maestro naivete, experimental, fragile, childish, neo-classical, bizarre, avant-garde and a whole lot more… But for various reasons Klimperei’s music has evolved recently. On the one hand, the confinement due to COVID has changed the way he works, but also altered his state of mind. He needed / wanted a change, to break some routines related to the ‘Klimperei’ label. This trend towards darker, more ambient, more experimental and minimalist tracks is not, however, new: we find all of this in earlier albums… but probably a bit less matured.

For Klimperei’s album ‘Handpicked’ the tracks were handpicked by label owner Harco Rutgers, who got to choose like a kid in a candy store, from a rather large collection of Petchanatz’s work. Darker and more melancholic than his previous work, but not quite fully evolved into his newfound sound yet either, ‘Handpicked’ feels like a transitional Klimperei album.

This release is available as a bright yellow cassette tape, packaged in handmade fold-out cover (numbered limited edition of only 30 copies!), and also as a download/stream on Bandcamp and other streaming/download platforms. Release on November 30th.

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Salmoni – Salmoni

Salmoni is an acoustic duo formed by Filippo Gillono on acoustic guitar and Zevi Bordovach on harmonium. In 2019 they started a cohabitation in Turin with other musicians from the experimental scene of the city. Their common devotion to Robert Wyatt leads the two musicians to start playing together, at first with out any precise aim, but after a while an interesting sound and new compositions emerged. So begins a musical research to reach a spontaneous, instinctual, ancestral sound. Their first album ‘Salmoni’ is the consideration of the life of a wild salmon. Acoustic instruments, tape recorders and field recordings create an intimate dialogue, suggesting a musical reflection that explores streams and changes of life. It’s been recorded completely at home on an old National tape recorder.

This release is available as a cassette tape, packaged in handmade fold-out cover (limited edition of 80!), and also as a download/stream on Bandcamp and other streaming/download platforms. Release on November 30th.

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Jon Doe One – Sol Invictus

You may know Hannes d’Hoine from Die Anarchistische Abend Unterhaltung (DAAU). With his solo project Jon Doe One, d’Hoine explores the tension between man and machine and creates a framework within which one can freely improvise.

“… Sol Invictus was to be his own fiat lux, an invocation of the lighter regions of his mind. It was time to cast off the short days, to invite beauty and organic matter into his music. And so he conjured the elements: first wind, which needs air and breath to resonate. Hanne De Backer took to visiting under cover of night, saxophone secreted under her coat. Then Berlinde Deman, with her rare Renaissance serpent. For the record, the trinity united at Vooruit, joined by visual artist Stijn Grupping, who had devised a light installation that responded to sound. And out of darkness, Jon Doe becoming One with light.”

This release is available as a limited edition 12″ vinyl, in a matte cover with spot gloss elements, and also as a download/stream on Bandcamp only. Release on November 4th.

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Jared Sagar – Vessel

This is an album about strangeness, that other-worldliness, dreams, half-remembered memories. Is there more than our self-contained reality? Do memories come from inside of us or outside of us? How far back do memories go? Are they memories? These tracks explore the realm, the boundaries of that dream-world, teetering on the edge of the real and non-real, the real and the imagined, where our feelings go beyond.

Jared Sagar is an experimental composer living in the UK. His work covers a number of different genres including drone, minimal, musique concrète, ambient and field recordings.

This release is available as a download/stream on Bandcamp and other relevant platforms. Release on November 4th.

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Nobuka – Reiko

As nobuka, Michel van Collenburg makes experimental, lo-fi electronic music. Working from a DIY mentality with field recordings, tape recorders and other analog equipment. In his live performances he aims to create meditative soundscapes that have often been described as hypnotic and cinematographic.

Reiko is a musical and visual experiment. An exploration of the collective and individual human mind. Nobuka collaborated with Machinefabriek, Michel Banabila and Marina Tadic on this music. The project encompasses an album, a website and an Augmented Reality app. Visit to find out more.

This release is available as a Deluxe 12″ vinyl in gatefold cover with 12 page inlay booklet. Release on October 7th.

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