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Jon Doe One – Sol Invictus

You may know Hannes d’Hoine from Die Anarchistische Abend Unterhaltung (DAAU). With his solo project Jon Doe One, d’Hoine explores the tension between man and machine and creates a framework within which one can freely improvise.

“… Sol Invictus was to be his own fiat lux, an invocation of the lighter regions of his mind. It was time to cast off the short days, to invite beauty and organic matter into his music. And so he conjured the elements: first wind, which needs air and breath to resonate. Hanne De Backer took to visiting under cover of night, saxophone secreted under her coat. Then Berlinde Deman, with her rare Renaissance serpent. For the record, the trinity united at Vooruit, joined by visual artist Stijn Grupping, who had devised a light installation that responded to sound. And out of darkness, Jon Doe becoming One with light.”

This release is available as a limited edition 12″ vinyl, in a matte cover with spot gloss elements, and also as a download/stream on Bandcamp only. Release on November 4th. First live presentation on October 7th in Deventer.

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Nobuka – Reiko

As nobuka, Michel van Collenburg makes experimental, lo-fi electronic music. Working from a DIY mentality with field recordings, tape recorders and other analog equipment. In his live performances he aims to create meditative soundscapes that have often been described as hypnotic and cinematographic.

Reiko is a musical and visual experiment. An exploration of the collective and individual human mind. Nobuka collaborated with Machinefabriek, Michel Banabila and Marina Tadic on this music. The project encompasses an album, a website and an Augmented Reality app. Visit to find out more.

This release is available as a Deluxe 12″ vinyl in gatefold cover with 12 page inlay booklet. Release on October 7th, with a first live presentation in Deventer, on the exact same date.

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Jeroen Diepenmaat / Wouter van Veldhoven – Struin / Stop

‘Struin’ by Jeroen Diepenmaat is made entirely on a modular synthesizer with two self-built CV controlled turntables. The pulse from the oscillator drives the turntables and by varying the frequencies, the pitch and the intervals of both playing records change. One record player plays a record with bird sounds, on the other you can hear frogs.

‘Stop’ by Wouter van Veldhoven is a somewhat minimalist piece consisting of a Risset rhythm of real and unreal metal sounds. Using the rhythmic structures by Jean Claude Risset, an illusion of continuously slowing down is perceived. These sounds were then run through an improvised plate reverb and recorded on a rather tinny sounding wire recorder. In the second part, a rickety violin and Wouter van Veldhoven’s own equally unstable vocals slowly take over, recorded on the worst piece of audio tape he could find.

This split release is available as a numbered limited edition cassette tape in a sturdy off-white paper cover, riso-printed in gold and black (only 50 copies!) and as a download/stream on Bandcamp only. Released on July 21st at their (sold out) shows at Valkhof Festival.

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