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Jeroen Diepenmaat / Wouter van Veldhoven – Struin / Stop

‘Struin’ by Jeroen Diepenmaat is made entirely on a modular synthesizer with two self-built CV controlled turntables. The pulse from the oscillator drives the turntables and by varying the frequencies, the pitch and the intervals of both playing records change. One record player plays a record with bird sounds, on the other you can hear frogs.

‘Stop’ by Wouter van Veldhoven is a somewhat minimalist piece consisting of a Risset rhythm of real and unreal metal sounds. Using the rhythmic structures by Jean Claude Risset, an illusion of continuously slowing down is perceived. These sounds were then run through an improvised plate reverb and recorded on a rather tinny sounding wire recorder. In the second part, a rickety violin and Wouter van Veldhoven’s own equally unstable vocals slowly take over, recorded on the worst piece of audio tape he could find.

This split release is available as a numbered limited edition cassette tape in a sturdy off-white paper cover, riso-printed in gold and black (only 50 copies!) and as a download/stream on Bandcamp only. Released on July 21st at their (sold out) shows at Valkhof Festival.

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VA – Always There, Somewhere (Remixes)

It has been seven months since the release of Frond’s well received second album ‘Always There, Somewhere’. We invited Machinefabriek, Bastian Benjamin, Diepenmaat / Sallaerts and Lucinate to each choose a track from the album they would like to reinterpret in their own way. These four remixes are the wildly impressive result of this endeavour.

This release is available as digital download/stream and also in a reduced price bundle with the limited edition cassette of Frond’s original album ‘Always There, Somewhere’. Released on June 15th.

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Comes & Simonis – Regering

With the album ‘Regering’ (dutch for ‘Government’) the duo Martijn Comes and Lukas Simonis release their first record together. Martijn Comes comes from a film-score background while also moving in circles of experimental electronics, ambient and drones. Lukas Simonis is a seasoned improviser/sound artist with a post-punk edge.

This release is available as digital download/stream and as a limited edition CD in a 3-panel cardboard sleeve, with an impressive painting by visual artist Daniel Verkerk on the cover. When the predominantly black cover opens up, the painting is revealed in closer detail, splashing over all three inside panels in radiant colour. Released on May 18th.

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OTONN – Two Crumbling Shapes

OTONN is an impressive electro acoustic duo, comprised of two young and very talented artists: singer Andrea Silvia Giordano and drummer Nicholas Remondino. ‘Two Crumbling Shapes’ is sound that crumbles and cracks. A constant degeneration that shapes the substance of the music. It’s the relentless evolution of an impro-session – then intensely manipulated – based on destructured sounds, music languages and the development of the single parameters that compose them.

Featuring artists Pierre Bastien, E-cor Ensemble, Gianluca Verlingieri, Maria Dybbroe and Torstein Lavik Larsen helped push the sound of OTONN even further.

This release is available as digital download/stream and as a numbered limited edition cassette in handmade covers with different versions of the artwork, created by Harco Rutgers. Released on April 8th.

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Machinefabriek – With Drums

While Machinefabriek’s ‘Drum Solos’ was a solo affair that processed drum sounds into more abstract shapes, ‘With Drums’ is bursting at the seams with the actual sounds of drum kits and percussion. Over 40 musicians were asked to record one or more short fills/phrases. These recordings were the building blocks for the 24 short, focused tracks on this album – each track combining material by three contributors. The result doesn’t sound like any other Machinefabriek album out there, and the namedropping in the list of contributing drummers is awe-inspiring.

This release is available in a digital format, as a limited edition LP, and as a limited edition CD. Artwork is a ‘scrap-face’ by Henk Loorbach.

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SNACKBAR the Ambassador – Iedere Dag Vakantie

SNACKBAR the Ambassador is a moniker of transdisciplinary artist Matthias König, based in The Hague (NL), interweaving music, performance- and visual arts. The sound of SNACKBAR the Ambassador is best described as a toxic concoction of deconstructed folklore, electronic beat and space explorations, otherworldly sounds, dub, cumbia, schlager, humpa and experimental electronics. Endearing, ugly, attractive, abrasive, compelling and taunting at the same time.

This limited edition 7″ turquoise coloured vinyl is packaged in a printed brown paper inner sleeve, a high quality reproduction of König’s drawing ‘Iedere Dag Vakantie’ and a transparent PVC outer sleeve. The original drawing was made in 2020 with color pencil and acrylic marker on silkscreen-print, 78,5 x 50 cm on paper. The single is also available as a download or stream. Released on December 15th.

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