Vincent Glanzmann – SZSHH

Vincent Glanzmann is a sound artist and drummer based in Zürich Switzerland. The open nature of his work as both a performer and composer has led him to a multitude of collaborations with a broad spectrum of artists within contemporary music, visual arts, dance, fashion and literature. Having been inspired by the artistic output of the dance choreographer Sasha Waltz from Berlin, Vincent created and produced SZSHH, his third solo percussion release as an homage to the artist. SZSHH could be thought of as an abstract form of dance music.

This album is released on September 2nd as a limited edition card (all individually designed!) and a download/stream on all relevant platforms. Pre-orders are live now!

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Gamardah Fungus – Metamorphosis

This album was supposed to come out in March 2022, but Ukrainian artists Gamardah Fungus obviously had other priorities at that time.

“This is probably our roughest album to date. It was recorded before the war in our country and seemed to foreshadow the mood that would be inherent in us in 2022.”

Gamardah Fungus is a band from Dnipro, Ukraine. They produce slow, viscous drone ambient, sometimes adjoining meditative electroacoustic and gloomy dark jazz with field recording. The album Metamorphosis was influenced by the Dao and Zen philosophy that Gamardah Fungus has been interested in for many years. The works of Heidegger, Sartre, Camus and Kafka also served as considerable inspiration.

This album is released on September 12 as a limited edition cassette in cardboard cover and a download/stream on all relevant platforms. Pre-orders are live now! All proceeds of this release go to the artists to help support their lives in Ukraine. Please feel free to pay more if you can.

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Various Artists – Matter Affect

Matter Affect is a copious compilation with work by all artists, performers and collaboration partners who have been confronted with COVID restrictions in the program of De Perifeer in recent years; shows that have been cancelled, moved (several times), took place in an adapted form or could not even be booked anymore.

De Perifeer asked everyone involved to reflect on this strange time period in their very own way. Allowing almost every conceivable shape or form; in audio, text, image or combinations thereof. The list of participants is surprisingly long, especially for a small venue like De Perifeer. But at the same time the relatively manageable scale of De Perifeer makes it possible to make an elaborate compilation like this, in which the personal impact of COVID is clearly felt and there’s room to show what is hidden behind numbers and graphs.

All submitted material is collected in an A4 box in an edition of 250. Matter Affect consists of substantively different entries from almost every conceivable art discipline. The whole thing is accompanied by a contextual booklet; basically a concise overview of events. Check the list of contents in the description on this page.

And then we’d almost forget that Matter Affect is also a very special release for another reason entirely; it’s the 100th release on the Esc.rec. label!

This album is released on July 18th in physical form with a download/stream, exclusively on Bandcamp.

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Jean D.L. – Zenaïde

Zenaïde is a thrilling piece with a very cinematic feel to it, meticulously constructed by Jean D.L. with the auditory input of an impressive list of participating artists, which include Aki Onda, Rhodri Davies, Joke Lanz, My Cat is an Alien, Andy Moor, Karen Willems, John Dikeman, Julia Kent, Jasper Stadhouders, Mauro A. Pawlowski and many more. The stunning black and white photographs of Bénédicte Blondeau on the 6 panel album cover further enhance the cinematographic qualities of this feat.

This album is released on June 30th as a CD and as a download/stream, exclusively on Bandcamp.

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Roel Meelkop & Marco Douma – HOEK

In 2012 Roel Meelkop was asked to participate in an exhibition in the small town of Hoek van Holland, which is part of the greater Rotterdam area. Roel asked video artist Marco Douma to collaborate on the project. This resulted in a sound/video performance in one of the beach clubs in 2012. In this live installation called ‘Atlantic Wall’ they focused on Hoek’s surroundings. In 2014 they were asked to participate in a new exhibition in de Hoek. That year they decided to go down into the bunkers, resulting in the sound/video installation ‘Kiel’ in one of the bunkers that is normally closed to the public. In the years after this Roel and Marco fantasised about the idea to combine the material of both works in a third edition, which resulted in a sound/video piece in 2020, titled ‘Hoek’.

This release has a CD in a handmade book which contain the sound piece and stills from the video work. The book was reproduced with a Nashuatec 1505 copier, which gives a nice gritty look. And then cut/folded/assembled by Roel Meelkop, Marco Douma, Jeroen Diepenmaat and Harco Rutgers. The video work is accessible via a password-protected link, included in the book ánd the download.

This release is available as described cd/book with link to video work, and also as a download/stream (Bandcamp exclusive). Release on January 18th.

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