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Guybrush – Something Extremely Light

The 70th Esc.rec. release is an EP by Guybrush, named ‘Something Extremely Light’. Guybrush is the solo project of Francesco Ameglio, a sound artist currently based in Turin, Italy. In 2015 he co-founded SØVN records, which is a very cool label.

Francesco composed the tracks for ‘Something Extremely Light’ in 2019, while living in Madrid, feeling lonely… “This EP became a way to explain to myself what it means to be living away from your so called home, and what really matters at the end of the day, spent in a place that doesn’t belong to you”.

Released as a limited edition audio cassette in a fold out, leporello-like cover, with beautiful photos that Francesco Ameglio made in Madrid, during his stay there.

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Plan Kruutntoone and Reinier van Houdt – pas maar op, want deze tas is van zorro (en zorro houdt van mij)

The 69th Esc.rec. release is a new album by Plan Kruutntoone and Reinier van Houdt, named ‘pas maar op, want deze tas is van zorro (en zorro houdt van mij)’, which translates as ‘Watch out, this bag belongs to Zorro (… and Zorro cares for me)’.

In their own contemporary version of ’L’ Histoire du Soldat’, Plan Kruutntoone and Reinier van Houdt roam the rough edges of holes in plaster, at home in a dangerous world. Sleeping in the flag, accepting their free daily buns. Gratefully learning from Igor S. and Sonic Y. while upholding the red flower.

This album is available on vinyl (including download with two extra tracks), on cd and as a download. It looks awesome too.

A live presentation of this album took place on May 24, a quiet Sunday evening, around 20:20 hrs. If you want to attend the service and sing and dance with us (and donate afterwards), you still can. Just watch the recorded live stream below.

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Even more

But that is not all! Also very excited about these other new releases that are currently in production.

– ‘Sluimer’ by Diepenmaat/Sallaerts on audio cassette and download
– ‘untitled (2019)’ by Francisco López on cd and download

Even more releases anticipated by the likes of Monday Wilkinson (Hidde van Schie), Frond, Snackbar The Ambassador (Matthias König), Martijn Comes & Lukas Simonis, Roel Meelkop & Marco Douma, Daniel Vujanic, De Perifeer and Harco Rutgers.


It feels like a shame to never look back on a catalogue. Especially when it’s excellent like Esc.rec.’s backcatalogue. So here is a beauty from the archives, dragged back into the spotlight, including the reviews it got way back when. Gluid by Gluid (his debut album), released January 31, 2006.

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