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Monday W. – Time Is A Spider

Monday W. is a moniker of dutch painter and musician Hidde van Schie. Van Schie has released music in different genres under different names The 21st Century, Wild Wild Ambient Boys and Friday Wilkinson. The new album Time Is A Spider consists of 11 new songs, written between 2016 and 2018. The record is very basic in depending just on voice and guitar. All songs were recorded in one-take with a minimum of arrangements and overdubs. The arrangements were created by wiring the guitar with contact microphones that were sent through separate effect loops. This approach to the production creates the records distinct texture and atmosphere.

This release is available as a limited edition CD, in a 6-panel digipak, with artwork by Hidde van Schie. Also available as a download and on all major streaming platforms. You get two exclusive bonus tracks when you order this release on Bandcamp. Released on November 20th.

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SNACKBAR the Ambassador – Iedere Dag Vakantie

SNACKBAR the Ambassador is a moniker of transdisciplinary artist Matthias König, based in The Hague (NL), interweaving music, performance- and visual arts. The sound of SNACKBAR the Ambassador is best described as a toxic concoction of deconstructed folklore, electronic beat and space explorations, otherworldly sounds, dub, cumbia, schlager, humpa and experimental electronics. Endearing, ugly, attractive, abrasive, compelling and taunting at the same time.

This limited edition 7″ turquoise coloured vinyl is packaged in a printed brown paper inner sleeve, a high quality reproduction of König’s drawing ‘Iedere Dag Vakantie’ and a transparent PVC outer sleeve. The original drawing was made in 2020 with color pencil and acrylic marker on silkscreen-print, 78,5 x 50 cm on paper. The single will also be available as a download. To be released on December 15th.

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Frond – Always There, Somewhere

With his latest album ‘Always There, Somewhere’, Frond charts a journey of personal discovery through friendship. It’s a record about finding answers in each other, rather than from only within ourselves. Though the ideas formed pre-pandemic, the themes of social connection and tactility seem to foretell what we are now craving. Using bold scales, bespoke string instruments and crystal clear arrangements, the album is a confident sequel to the darker, abstract solipsism of 2014’s ‘The Second Continent’.

This release is available as a numbered limited edition cassette, packaged in handmade leporello-like fold-out cover, with artwork by Holger Lippmann. Also available as a download and on all major streaming platforms. Released on November 11th, preceded by two single releases on October 14th and October 28th.

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Exhibition ‘Audiosphere’ in Museo Reina Sofía (Madrid, Spain)

Today (October 14th, 2020) is the opening of the extensive exhibition ‘Audiosphere – Sound Experimentation from 1980-2020’, curated by Francisco López. Audiosphere seeks to constitute a non-conceptual, large-scale contemporary art exhibition with no images or objects, underpinned solely by sound works and an exhibition design that facilitates experiential, profound and prolonged listening. If you are in Spain, please visit Museo Reina Sofía and check out this amazing collection of more than 800 sound artists before January 11, 2021.

Among the works selected by López is a track by Cadeu (Konstantin Kazhev), from his excellent album ‘Echoic’, released on Esc.rec. in 2018. Jeroen Diepenmaat, Reinier van Houdt, Edwin van der Heide, Gintas K, Martijn Tellinga, Frans de Waard, Eli Gras, Peter Duimelinks and Roel Meelkop, who -just like Cadeu- have beautiful releases out on Esc.rec., were also selected to participate in this exhibition, along with many other esteemed and (very!) familiar names, some of whom were booked by Esc.rec. or De Perifeer for live performances: Yan Jun, Adam Bohman, Bas van Koolwijk, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, Gert-Jan Prins, Ivo Bol, Justin Bennett, Pierre Bastien, Tomoko Sauvage and Tristan Perich. And last but not least, Francisco López himself recently released an amazing album on Esc.rec. too.

Website Museo Reina Sofía

Recent releases

Some other recent Esc.rec. releases were ‘Sluimer’ by Diepenmaat/Sallaerts, ‘Prosopagnosia’ by Daniel Vujanic, ‘Bentillse Berber’ by Karen Willems and ‘Untitled 2019’ by Francisco López.

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Even more

Even more releases anticipated by the likes of Jos Smolders & Jeroen Diepenmaat, Toxic Chicken, Monday W., Martijn Comes & Lukas Simonis, Wouter van Veldhoven & Jeroen Diepenmaat, OTONN, De Perifeer and Harco Rutgers.

Esc.rec. Monthly

In yet another attempt to revive the Esc.rec. backcatalogue, there’s this monthly curated Spotify playlist of selected top tracks.

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