New releases coming up!

Four (!) new albums scheduled for release on December 9th, 2019.

From left to right: Variations in a-moll for a granular synthesis by Gintas K (cd), Norwegian Disco by The Void* (cassette), Live 29/05/2019 by Radboud Mens & Matthijs Kouw (postcard + free download), Last Of The Three by Jasna Velickovic & Anton Mobin (cassette). More info soon!

New website

Also, as you may or may not have noticed, this website is currently in the middle of a pretty extensive overhaul. So if you are missing certain items that were here before or things are looking a bit weird… that’s the reason why. Most of it will return in some form or another. Working on it!


It feels like a shame to never look back on a catalogue. Especially when it’s excellent like Esc.rec.’s backcatalogue. So here is a beauty from the archives, dragged back into the spotlight, including the reviews it got way back when. Gluid by Gluid (his debut album), released January 31, 2006.